Pastor sentenced to life imprisonment for raping 17-year-old girl in Abuja

pastor sentenced to life imprisonment for raping 17 year old girl in abuja
pastor sentenced to life imprisonment for raping 17 year old girl in abuja

Stephen Kalu, 29, was sentenced to life imprisonment by Justice Peter Kekemeke of the Federal Capital Territory’s High Court for raping a 17-year-old girl.

Kalu of the Adoration Ministry, Karshi, Abuja, was charged with two counts bordering on rape. The charge against him was having sexual relations with the girl at his house without her consent, in violation of Section 31(1) of the Child’s Right Act and punishable under Section 31(2) of the same Act.

According to Justice Kekemeke, who delivered judgment in the case on Thursday, July 15, the convict admitted sleeping with the girl several times, resulting in a pregnancy and the birth of a girl child. Although Kalu promised to marry the victim, the court ruled that an offense had been committed and the law had to be followed.

There have been several cases of rape in our society, especially in this division of the court. It is a pathetic situation; rapists must be removed from the system; our children must be protected from our courts.

The law already exists; the same defendant committed a similar offence of rape while on bail during this case. "The defendant is a danger to our children; he must serve a life sentence." the judge ruled
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