People thought Abba Kyari was a cabal member in Buhari’s presidency because he was loyal

Governor Yahaya Bello has revealed why many people thought Abba Kyari was a cabal member in Buhari’s Presidency.  The Kogi Governor made the disclosure during an interview on Channels Television’s ‘Sunday Politics’. He described Abba Kyari as President Buhari’s loyal and dedicated aide who left a vacuum that will be difficult to fill over time both within the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and Nigeria in general.

He added that the late CoS was a great politician who never sought for any elective position and a great diplomat who was never an ambassador during his sojourn here on earth.

“We look at him as a patriot, a great diplomat but he was never an ambassador, a great politician but he never sought for any elective position, a great technocrat and a great lawyer.

“Somebody who was very passionate about this country. He has done his own part, he has made his own contribution and left a very big shoe.

“I hope and pray that Mr President will get somebody who can fill in this vacuum. We wish him an eternal rest”

Commenting on the alleged cabal in Buhari’s Presidency, Bello admitted that Kyari was an influential member of the cabinet who must have stepped on toes while discharging his duties in the interest of President Buhari and the country.

He averred that the late CoS took a lot of bullets, lots of responsibility and there is no regret or apology to that effect. 

The Kogi Governor added; 

“Like you know and those of us in authority, loyalty is number one. Secondly, your ability and character to discharge the duties and responsibilities discharged on you is one other thing. Mallam Abba Kyari was very loyal to Mr President, very diligent, a professional per excellence and he is very passionate about the progress and development of Nigeria, not only to our party the APC but Nigeria in general.

“So such a person, if he is carrying out his duties and responsibilities, surely there is no way you will not step on toes one way or the other to ensure that the job is done. So if he stepped on toes in one way or the other, it is just to ensure that he serves Mr President diligently, that he did very well.

“He took a lot of bullets and took a lot of responsibility for that. So there is no regret and there is no apology to that effect. In due course, we are going to miss this great Nigerian who sacrificed it all to ensure that we have the much modest achievement that we have today. So if you say cabal, in one way or the other yes.

“You will have one or two persons that are loyal to you who is ready to dare the devil and ensure that the job is done. So if you call it a cabal, it depends on the angle you are looking at it from.”