Plateau Killings: How a good Christian, Soldiers Rescued Us – Survivors

plateau killings how a good christian, soldiers rescued us – survivors
plateau killings how a good christian, soldiers rescued us – survivors

The survivors of Saturday’s attack on Fulani travellers in Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State recounted how security agents and good Samaritans rescued them from the mob.

The new tally shows that 27 travellers have been killed, causing outrage and condemnation worldwide.

Shauntv reports that approximately 90 passengers in five buses were attacked by suspect Irigwe militants and their sympathisers.

They were attending an annual Zikr (prayer session) and celebration of the Islamic New Year at the Dahiru Usman Bauchi Mosque in Bauchi.

Ahmad Ibrahim, who escaped with injuries, told Daily Trust that a Christian tricycle operator disguised him with a face cap and drove him into the city, where he alighted at the Jos Central Mosque.

“When we arrived at Gada-Biyu area, there was traffic, and we thought it might be the regular traffic, but before we knew it, people from all angles started stoning us, and we could not drive further since they had surrounded our busses.

I don’t know how I got out of the bus, but when I was on the ground, they were pelting me with stones, then a Christian tricycle operator asked me to jump in, then he sped away,” he said.

A second survivor, Ibrahim Jibril, told our correspondent that he took refuge in a nearby bush, where he watched as the youths attacked and killed some of his travelling companions.

“Everyone fled for cover during the attack, and fortunately for me, I ran into the bush. After hearing the siren, I knew security agents had arrived. As soon as I realized the area was safe, I ran out of the bush and headed for the soldiers who stopped their vehicle and quickly rescued me,” he said.

Yusuf Adamu who hid inside a culvert said he was lucky to still have his phone and called a relative in Ekiti State who told him to stay put until help arrived.

“My relative in Ekiti was able to contact one of our travelling companions who had survived the attack and tell them I was alive and hiding in a culvert. My phone rang moments later and I was told to come outside when the sirens sounded.”

On hearing the siren, he said he had rushed out of his hiding place and approached soldiers who rescued him.

As the Secretary-General of Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) in Plateau State, Alh. Sani Mudi, some of the victims were saved by good Christians. The first person rescued was brought to the Jos Central Mosque by an Igbo resident.

According to him, some of the victims in the Kabong area were rescued by Christians. We felt it was better to rescue them than to allow them to be killed since most of them are our political associates. They have worked so hard and deserve praise.”

Nigerians should see one another first as human beings before anything else, said Mudi, who urged Muslims and Christians to live in peace.

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