PM Abiy Ahmed is on the front line to direct Ethiopia’s war effort

pm abiy ahmed is on the front line to direct ethiopia's war effort
pm abiy ahmed is on the front line to direct ethiopia’s war effort

State-affiliated media reported on Wednesday that Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had left for the front lines to oversee the war effort, and that Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen Hassen would handle routine government business while he was away.

A press conference held by government spokesman Legesse Tulu provided details on the transfer of some routine duties, according to a report from the Fana news outlet.

At some point on Monday night, Abiy made the announcement that he intended to personally lead the fight against the Tigrayan army and its allies.

To lead this country with sacrifice, he wrote, “Let’s meet at the front.”

There was a threat last month from Tigrayan forces and their allies to march on Addis Ababa, and they have been fighting hard to cut a transport corridor linking landlocked Ethiopia with the region’s main port of Djibouti..

Tigrayan forces were able to move south toward Addis Ababa, according to U.S. Special Envoy Jeffrey Feltman, who said the Ethiopian military and regional militias had stopped them from cutting the corridor.

In response to requests for comment, Ethiopia’s military spokesman did not respond.

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