Police Gunned Down Welder And Tagged Him IPOB Leader

police gunned down welder and tagged him ipob leader
police gunned down welder and tagged him ipob leader

It has been claimed by a citizen of Imo state who saw the killing of Chigozie Nwaiwu a 23-year-old welder, that Nwaiwu was killed by police after being falsely identified as an IPB commander and branded as such (IPOB).

According to a police statement issued last week, Uchenna Chukwu of Umunakanu in Imo’s Ehime Mbano LGA and one of his pals got into a firefight with officers.

CSP Mike Abattam, a police public relations officer, said in a statement that the two got into a gunfight with agents who had raided their hideaway.

A witness in Owerri, the state capital, said Chukwu was killed on a famous radio show.

As the eyewitness testified, “Chigozie and Uchenna had known one other since they were little. A visit from Chigozie to Uchenna Chukwuanyanwu’s welding business was scheduled.

In an instant, a Venza came, and the welder was thrown into the backseat. On their way out, Chigozie stopped and inquired as to why they were taking Uchenna away.

“Chigozie was shot in the forehead by vehicle passengers who were dressed casually. Many onlookers came to observe what had occurred as the vehicle sped off in the distance.

“All of a sudden, the identical vehicle pulled up and everyone in the parking lot fled like hell. The occupants of the vehicle just scooped up Chigozie’s corpse, threw it in the trunk, and drove away.

“When the Owerri police released the aforementioned statement, the families of Chigozie and Uchenna were still in the dark about what had occurred. People who were there when it occurred are shocked now.”

According to the eyewitness, the individual being sought by police agents was an aluminum worker named Chidera, who has a business next to Uchenna’s.

When Chigozie persisted on learning the truth about why Uchenna was being kidnapped, he was shot dead. The Police news release is the most vexing aspect of this.”

It’s a lie from the depths of hell that Uchenna is the IPOB leader in Ehime Mbano, and they used it to excuse their acts. “Since I was born, I have not seen such evil in my life as it does now.”

The police, on the other hand, say they abide by their claim that the youngsters belonged to IPOB.

Uchenna has made some confessional remarks, according to Abattam.

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