police prevent Akeredolu’s deputy from leaving govt house

police prevent Akeredolu’s deputy from leaving govt house
police prevent Akeredolu’s deputy from leaving govt house

There was a mild drama in Ondo on Saturday night as police officers led by Bolaji Salami, commissioner of police, prevented Agboola Ajayi, the deputy governor, from moving out of his official quarters at the government house premises.

Agboola and some of his personal aides were trying to move out their properties out of the government house when they were stopped.

The police commissioner, reportedly acting on instructions from Rotimi Akeredolu, governor of Ondo, directed his men to prevent the deputy governor from moving out of the premises.

For several hours, Ajayi argued with the police commissioner, but he couldn’t have his way.

Ajayi and Akeredolu have since fallen apart and there are unconfirmed reports that he is on his way to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), where he intends to run against the governor.

Speaking with journalists, Allen Sowore, spokesman of Agboola, said the deputy governor was taken hostage for hours, despite the fact that he enjoys immunity.

“We could not leave the government house for several hours yesterday as they refused the deputy governor to pack his personal belongings,” he said.

“At a time, the deputy governor had to ask the stand of the commissioner of Police in this matter, because the way he acted yesterday was just too low of him as a public officer and not a politician.”

But Richard Olatunde, special assistant to the governor on new media, accused Agboola’s aides of moving out properties belonging to the government.

“The deputy governor’s aides were caught last night with government properties. Some of them even carried the whole of a government furniture claiming he was the one that refurbished it,” Olatunde said.

“They took a television set, claiming the office of the deputy governor bought it as if the deputy governor’s office doesn’t belong to the government.

“So, they were made to return these items by the security men at the gate, and instead they call the deputy governor who later came, and the aides became emboldened by his presence.”

police prevent Akeredolu’s deputy from leaving govt house

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