Politicians who flew jets to Kano are no different from bandits, Gumi says

politicians who flew jets to kano are no different from bandits, gumi says
politicians who flew jets to kano are no different from bandits, gumi says

The renowned Islamic scholar Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has called out politicians who hired private jets to Kano for the wedding of Yusuf Buhari, the president’s only son.

Yusuf got married to Zarah, a daughter of Alhaji Nasir Ado Bayero, the Emir of Bichi, on Friday.

Several governors, ministers, and top politicians flocked to the wedding on no fewer than 50 private jets, according to the Daily Trust.

Private jet charters cost between $5,000 and $7,000 per hour, depending on the size of the plane.

A jet that can accommodate up to 11 passengers, such as a Challenger or Beechcraft Hawker that can accommodate up to 13 passengers, could cost up to $10,000 (N5m) per hour.

Accordingly, each of the charter private jets would cost at least $20,000 (N10m at N500/$) keeping in mind the fact that most if not all of the dignitaries spent more than one hour at the event.

A source who spoke with our correspondent said he counted exactly 50 private jets.

Gumi wondered in one of his sermons why there would be opulence during a time of hardship in the country.

“Who came from Mecca or Yemen when Prophet Mohammed married off his daughter?” In the entire Medina, no righteous persons to oversee the solemnisation?”

“I heard that all private jets were hired for Buhari’s son’s wedding in Nigeria. With your money, you can’t get a private jet because they are all booked.”

There are some people in captivity both in the bush and in cities. There is hunger everywhere. Despite all the problems people face, politicians spend public funds on private jets.

“First of all, it was not an obligatory religious gathering. Secondly, public funds were used to hire private jets.

“You hire jets to go to a wedding while criminals hold people to ransom in the bush. Criminals (bandits) milk the people.

“Some people have never earned N1 million in their lives, but bandits would demand N10 million. Who sold their homes, farms, everything… and collected loans to pay ransom?

“People think that only those in the bush milk us dry, but that’s not true! We are even milked dry by our leaders. How did they afford to hire all these jets?

I received pictures of a dilapidated hospital in one of the states. On the bed was a patient whose roof had been blown off. The governor was in Kano to attend a wedding.

“How many schools have been rehabilitated?”? The money that should be used to cater for the people is the one they hire private jets to junket around. Are you not also a bandit?

“We vent our anger against ourselves and against other tribes.”. “People are left to kill themselves because of poor leadership,” Mr. Gumi said.

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