Pope Francis Tells Buhari to End Killings in NIgeria

pope francis tells buhari to end killings in nigeria
pope francis tells buhari to end killings in nigeria

Pope Francis has called on President Buhari to end insecurity and killings in Nigeria.

The Vatican daily Rome Report reported that the Pope made the call during his usual Wednesday General Audience at the Vatican.

Pope Francis condemned insecurity, especially in northern Nigeria, according to the newspaper.

Pope Francis appealed to the government to guarantee the security of all Nigerians in light of the killings he termed senseless and committed by suspected jihadists.

His “prayerful solidarity” extended to Nigerians after over 40 people were killed by armed bandits in Kaduna over the weekend.

“I learned with pain about the armed attacks that occurred against Madamai Abun villages in northern Nigeria on Sunday.

”I pray for those who have died, for those who have been injured, and for all Nigerians. The Pope expressed his hope that the safety of all citizens in the country will always be guaranteed.

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