President Buhari is urged to sign the Vigilante Bill

president buhari is urged to sign the vigilante bill
president buhari is urged to sign the vigilante bill

Efforts to get President Muhammadu Buhari to sign the bill to create the Nigerian Vigilante Group have been made (VGN).

Members of the VGN will now have the authority to conduct community policing, law enforcement, and other forms of public service to Nigerians, according to a bill that just passed the National Assembly.

Vigilante members need to be legally incorporated because of their intelligence-gathering abilities, VGN Commander-in-Chief, Umar Bakori, told reporters in Abuja on Monday.

There should be a wider vision when it comes to looking at peace and security,” he remarked. Members of the VGN are committed to protecting important national assets, tackling cattle rustling and herdsmen/farmers’ confrontations, and resolving the situation of internally displaced individuals.

“Mr. President’s main goal of making the nation more peaceful, productive, and appealing to foreign direct investment will be achieved. You may be interested to hear that VGN members are helping the NSCDC secure oil and gas pipelines and Power Holding equipment.

“We’re still getting necessary training from multiple agencies,” he added of VGN agents.

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