President Muhammadu Buhari to spend N1.6 Billion on New Vehicles

president muhammadu buhari to spend n1.6 billion on new vehicles
president muhammadu buhari to spend n1.6 billion on new vehicles

The president has put aside a staggering N1.6 billion for vehicle and spare parts purchases.

This is included in President Muhammadu Buhari’s budget plan, which he submitted to the National Assembly on Thursday during a joint session.

A deficit of N6.26 trillion out of a total N16.39 trillion budget is a deficit.

Zainab Ahmed, the Finance Minister, has previously said that the government will seek more loans to cover the deficit.

The current phased replacement of vehicles and spare parts, according to the projection, would cost N1.6 billion, compared to the N436 million set aside for a comparable reason in the 2021 plan.

A total of about N180,089,000 is allocated for the procurement of tyres for bulletproof vehicles, plain cars, CCU vehicles, platform trucks, jeeps, ambulances, and other utility and operational vehicles.

N116,194,297 was put aside for the same reason last year.

Senator Ali Ndume (APC, Borno) has expressed concern over the government’s plan to borrow money to fund the budget.

Instead of that, he urged the executive to reduce personal and recurring expenses, boost income, and plug any leaks.

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