Public hearings on anti-LGBT+ law begin in Ghana’s parliament

public hearings on anti lgbt+ law begin in ghana's parliament
public hearings on anti lgbt+ law begin in ghana’s parliament

Ghana’s parliament will have its first public hearing on a proposed bill that would criminalize homosexuality and the advocacy of homosexuality.

Over 150 memos have been sent to the Committee on Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs in support of the so-called family values measure now before it.

According to Alexander Afenyo-Markin, a deputy majority leader, the committee is anticipated to hear 10 petitions a week until the measure is voted on.

Despite the fact that homosexual acts in Ghana are already punished by imprisonment, no one has been put behind bars for their actions. Among other things, the proposed measure would criminalize the advocacy and sponsorship of LGBT+ activities, public displays of love, cross-dressing, and more.

“As soon as feasible,” the speaker of the Ghanaian parliament, Alban Bagbin, promised in his inaugural speech last month.

UN human rights experts have encouraged legislators to reject it, claiming that if passed, the measure would generate an environment in which sexual minorities would be subjected to state-sponsored discrimination and violence.

A surge in homophobic assaults has been reported in Ghana following the introduction of the draft legislation in August.

Rightify Ghana’s director, Danny Bediako, says that arbitrary arrests, extortion, and evictions have more than increased since then, with individuals targeted because they are suspected of being homosexual.

According to Reuters, he said, “The health and safety of our people is our first concern.” That many individuals desire to flee the nation is something I’ve never seen before.”

Conservative Christian organizations in Ghana have pushed for passage of the law, which is seen as a major battleground in the argument for LGBT+ rights in Africa at the moment.

The World Congress of Families (WCF), an anti-gay advocacy organization established in the United States, hosted a significant regional meeting in Accra, Ghana, in 2019.

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