Rather than confronting President Buhari, Nigerians should pray for him – Gowon

rather than confronting president buhari, nigerians should pray for him gowon
rather than confronting president buhari, nigerians should pray for him gowon

The former Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon (rtd), has advised Nigerians to pray for President Buhari rather than confront him about insecurity in the country.

On July 10, former President Obasanjo spoke at the 23rd celebration of the Peace Corps of Nigeria (PCN) with the theme: Rejigging the security architecture: imperatives for a second line of public safety; Nigerian Peace Corps perspectives.

According to Gowon, who was represented at the event by retired Major General Chris Garuba (rtd), the problems in the country are also burdening the President.

There is no nation in Africa that does not face challenges. Whether it's economy or security. Nigeria is not exempt from challenges. However, the challenges are not permanent. After some time, it will come to pass, and we will be able to enjoy peace and stability again.

Despite the obstacles, we shouldn't give up. The period is comparable to COVID-19. It's a phase; it will pass. 

Under the threat of instabilities, economic problems, and security problems, I would be sad. Don't forget that the President is a human being. It weighs him down to carry the entire country on his shoulders.

We should pray for him instead of confronting him. I would recommend that we pray for him. He said, "Pray for our country and its leadership so that they can overcome all the challenges of insecurity, poor economic conditions, terrorism, insurgency, and all the rest."
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