Separatists of Cameroon Kill Monarch, Set Houses On Fire in Taraba

Separatists of Cameroon Kill Monarch, Set Houses On Fire in Taraba
Separatists of Cameroon Kill Monarch, Set Houses On Fire in Taraba

An unknown number of suspected Ambazonia separatists from Cameroon have wrecked mayhem in Taraba State’s Takum Local Government Area.

According to the Senate Deputy Minority Leader, Emmanuel Bwacha, the suspects shot and killed the village chief as well as other inhabitants of the Manga community in Nairobi.

The Manga settlement is located around 20 kilometers from the Kashimbilla Dam.

The legislator, who was called to the floor of the Senate on Wednesday to raise a point of order, said that the people were slain during an invasion of the hamlet by the Cameroonian separatists, who also demolished the settlement.

Because their motivation is now unclear, Bwacha, who represents Taraba South in the Senate, believes the separatist incursion poses a challenge to Nigeria’s territorial sovereignty.

His plea for quick military intervention to avert the eventual seizure of the Manga village by separatists was met with a resounding response from the general public.

“I stand this morning to bring the attention of our countrymen and, in particular, our security agencies to this tragic act, which challenges our integrity and sovereignty as a nation,” he added in his statement.

Accordingly, Mr. President, it is my humble proposal that the Nigerian Army should rise to the occasion and put a stop to this unbridled territorial expansion. The 23 Battalion of the Nigerian Army is based in Takum.

“Their (the separatists’) motivation is now unclear; whether they want to expand territory or stake a claim to Southwest Cameroon is still up in the air.

“At the time of this writing, a number of people have gone missing, and their locations are still unknown. “The settlement has also been demolished.”

Following that, the Senate observed a minute of silence to remember those who had died as a result of the Ambazonia separatists’ actions.

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