Several bandits break into the Zamfara Hospital

Several bandits break into the Zamfara Hospital
Several bandits break into the Zamfara Hospital

The General Hospital in Dansadau, Maru Local Government Area of Zamfara State was invaded by suspected bandits on Friday.

Several nursing home staff members have been abducted, Residents told our correspondent that immediately after storming the medical facility, the armed men went to the outpatient ward in search of a doctor or nurse.

When they couldn’t find anyone there, they went from ward to ward. Two nurses were abducted. In the staff quarters, they searched for doctors and nurses, but were unable to find any.”

“Armed criminals had earlier attempted to attack Maigoge, a village located six kilometres north of Dansadau.

“But when they surrounded the village, the vigilantes, otherwise known as Yan Sakai, defended it firmly. Some of the bandits were killed and several others were injured by the vigilante.

They then invaded the hospital to kidnap a nurse and a doctor who will treat their injured brothers in the forest.”

In Dansadau Emirate, Maigoge is one of the few communities that firmly defend themselves against bandits.

“The facility’s staff is no longer assigned night duties. Patients are only seen during the day. “They then move inside the town to spend the night, usually at undisclosed locations,” he continued.

Dr Mannir Bature, chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association in Zamfara state, confirmed the attack to our reporter, saying the association is concerned about the incident.

On Saturday, they will hold an emergency meeting of the state officers council.

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