Several politicians have been exposed by Bandits informants – Matawalle

several politicians have been exposed by bandits informants matawalle
several politicians have been exposed by bandits informants matawalle

Zamfara State Governor Bello Matawalle has said that certain bandit operatives have admitted to being funded by politicians.

The governor did not reveal the names of the politicians who had been exposed by the bandits in an interview with him.

His administration’s amnesty policy was also opposed by a number of high-ranking political leaders.

Following our first conversation, you know it was meant to be a joint endeavor between the state’s citizens and other political gladiators. Even when the government is working to ensure that we have peace, certain political leaders believe that they don’t want us to succeed.”

There have been so many unusual statements concerning the reconciliation and discussion concerns that they’ve been making. So, some of the offenders’ friends have been lying to them about the government’s amnesty and reconciliation program.

“We’ve got a few files. Our security agencies have over 2000 informants in detention, and some of them have come out and implicated so many individuals. They claimed that certain politicians are sponsoring them, implying that the state and federal governments aren’t serious about their promises.”

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