Snoop Dogg Says He Wants ‘No Harm’ To Come To Gayle King After Her Controversial Kobe Bryant Comments

Snoop Dogg says he doesn’t want any harm to come to Gayle King. The hip-hop star posted a follow-up to an Instagram video in which some thought he issued a threat to the 65-year-old CBS This Morning co-anchor after her controversial comments about Kobe Bryant’s past.

In the new video, Snoop said he originally spoke for the people who felt like Gayle was “very disrespectful” towards Kobe and his family when she brought up Bryant’s dismissed 2003 rape allegations during an interview with women’s pro basketball champ Lisa Leslie.

“I’m a non-violent person,” Snoop told his followers in the new video.”What I look like wanting some harm to come to a 70-year-old woman? I was raised way better than that.”


The “Gin and Juice” rapper reiterated that he wants no harm to come to Gayle, and he maintains he did not threaten her in his original monologue. Snoop explained that all he said was that Gayle was “out of pocket” for what she did and he warned her that people would be watching her. He also said the CBS journalist should have more respect for Kobe’s widow Vanessa Bryant, her kids, and Kobe’s legacy.

Snoop added that some of his followers who “don’t have a heart” may not understand what he is saying in regards to Gayle.

In comments to the follow-up post, fans praised Snoop for his explanation, although some felt it was unnecessary.

“We already knew what you meant, Unc,” one follower wrote.

While some felt Gayle “deserved” what she got and thanked Snoop for standing up for Kobe and his family, others felt the rap legend owes Gayle an apology due to the vulgarity in his original video. One fan noted that Snoop and other high-profile stars could have expressed how problematic Gayle’s actions were without degrading her on social media.

“Your fame holds you to a bigger responsibility on the words you choose to speak,” another fan told Snoop. “Internet trolls jumped on your bandwagon. You might not have meant to sound like you threatened her, but it certainly sounded like a threat. At least you’re a big enough person to get back on social media and clarify what you meant.”

In his original monologue about Gayle posted to Instagram, Snoop called the CBS News star a “funky, dog-haired b*tch.” He also told her she was “out of pocket” for her unnecessary line of questioning about Kobe in an interview that had nothing to do with the late NBA legend.

Gayle’s best friend, Oprah Winfrey, recently said Gayle is “not doing well” amid the backlash against her. Oprah called out incarcerated actor Bill Cosby for tweeting about the Snoop-Gayle drama on Twitter, and she said her longtime friend now has to travel with security because she is receiving death threats.

Gayle King did not appear on CBS This Morning on Friday.

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