Suspected Bandit’s wife arrested with 6 gallons of petrol hidden under her hijab

suspected bandit's wife arrested with 6 gallons of petrol hidden under her hijab
suspected bandit’s wife arrested with 6 gallons of petrol hidden under her hijab

In Katsina State, Rashida Hussaini, a 25-year-old woman suspected of supplying fuel to bandits in the forest, has been arrested.

On Thursday, the suspect was paraded at the state police command headquarters.

She was arrested along Koar Guga-Jibiya road with gallons of petrol hidden in a sack and a handbag hidden under her hijab, according to Katsina Police Public Relations Officer Gambo Isah.

Isah said the suspect claimed to be a resident of Daddara, a village in Jibiya Local Government Area of the state, as well as Hirji, a village in the Niger Republic.

The 25-year-old Rashida Hussaini was arrested in Kofar Guga in possession of gallons full of petrol (3 gallons) hidden in a sack. Under her hijab, she hides a big leather bag filled with petrol (3 gallons) concealed in a zipped bag.

“During questioning, she claimed to be from Dadara, but she is actually from Gombe State. “She said she was from Hirji in the Niger Republic,” he said later.

As soon as she was unable to give a clear address, the matter became suspicious, the police spokesman said.

It was obvious she came out of the forest and aiding the activities of the bandits by providing them with information and supplying them with petrol for use in their motorcycles. She was unable to provide a satisfactory explanation for where she bought the petrol and where she was going with it.

“Bandits apparently have a miserable situation since they have to send their wives to disguise and buy petrol in sacks and leather, hide under their hijab, and take it to the forest.”

The police spokesman also said the act violated a containment order that prohibited petrol sales in jerry cans, and that the woman would be charged with aiding and abetting banditry.

The suspect’s husband is currently in the forest, he said.

She confessed to having come from Hirji in Niger Republic; she said the petrol was not for bandits, but for her grinding machines.

Her husband is also in Ghana, seeking greener pastures, denying that he is a bandit.

The spokesman said the investigation is ongoing, and she would be charged to court at the end of the investigation, as a deterrent to others.

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