The bandit who burned a Zamfara resident alive was shot and killed

The bandit who burned a Zamfara resident alive was shot and killed
The bandit who burned a Zamfara resident alive was shot and killed

Damina was shot and killed in Zamfara State. Damina was a known bandit and livestock rustling boss.

Damina, who operated from a camp in the Kuyanbana forest in Zamfara State’s Dansadau Emirate of Maru local government area, allegedly burned a lady alive during one of his operations.

Damina was assassinated after an altercation with a gang headed by Dogo Gide.

According to Daily Trust, the assassinated armed bandit was responsible for a series of violent raids, kidnappings, livestock rustling, and levying taxes on various towns in the state’s Dansadau Emirate.

Damina raided Tungar Baushe and Randa villages in July, killing numerous individuals and abducting around 100 civilians, including women and children.

Damina died from serious injuries inflicted after a fatal confrontation between members of his gang and Dogo Gide at a location between Chilin and Fammaje, two rural settlements he controlled.

According to a source, Dogo Gide struck after protesting about the style and manner in which the assassinated bandit, Damina, was targeting villages and displacing citizens.

According to neighbours acquainted with the problem, Dogo Gide warned Damina to desist from destroying villages and murdering peasant farmers, but the latter disregarded the warnings.

“Damina incurred Dogo Gide’s wrath when he levied what he referred to as harvest taxes on Chillin, Fammaje, and another hamlet. He insisted that villagers rally and collect N6 million in order to get his approval for harvesting their agricultural products.”

“Apart from this, Damina entered Babbar Doka a few weeks ago and murdered two individuals, including a lady whom he burned alive when he set fire to her chamber. The village’s residents were forced to escape and seek sanctuary in Dansadau. The neighbourhood is under Dogo Gide’s authority, and the locals always feel secure in his presence.

“When the levy collectors attempted to bring the money to Damina at the agreed-upon location, they were apprehended by Dogo Gide’s boys. The Dogo Gide’s lads requested that they direct them to the location of Damina and his sons’ hibernation.

“When they took them to Damina’s residence, a violent shootout ensued, with Damina escaping to a neighbouring town named Farin Ruwa, where he was believed to be getting medical care after the gunfight with Dogo Gide’s lieutenants.

“Two days later, Dogo Gide’s guys obtained information about Damina’s whereabouts and tracked him down. “They assassinated him and mutilated his body,” the source said.

At the time of reporting this article, security and state government authorities could not be contacted for comment.

DIG Ibrahim Mamman Tsafe (rtd), the state commissioner of security and home affairs, did not return several calls from our reporter.

SP As at the time of reporting this storey, Muhammad Shehu, Zamfara’s Police Public Relations Officer, was unavailable for comment.

Senator Saidu Muhammad Dansadau, on the other hand, supported our reporter’s testimony.

“It is true that Dogo Gide murdered Damina. We have knowledge on what occurred.”

“About three weeks ago, Damina invaded the Babbar Doka village, killing and displacing inhabitants. The community provides for the armed criminals’ basic requirements and has been under Dogo Gide’s protection for an extended period of time.

“Dogo Gide had struck an arrangement with the inhabitants in southern Dansadau town that they may go about their business or agricultural operations without fear of harassment by armed bandits or groups of armed bandits.

“However, when Damina came a year ago, Dogo Gide attempted to attract his attention to the contract he had struck with the villagers, but Damina disregarded it. Dogo Gide is also on the lookout for another kidnapping kingpin, Ali Kachalla, and the competition between the armed organisations bodes well for locals,” Senator Dansadau said.

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