The British PM pledges to do all that he can to avoid an Afghan crisis

the british pm pledges to do all that he can to avoid an afghan crisis
the british pm pledges to do all that he can to avoid an afghan crisis

The British prime minister said that the Taliban would be judged by their actions, not their words, after the group made a public pledge not to revenge themselves for gaining control of Afghanistan.

In an address to the parliament, which was recalled from its summer break to discuss the situation in Afghanistan, Johnson ruled out any return to military action, instead calling on the UN to lead a humanitarian intervention.

The Taliban have stated they want peace, will not exact revenge on old enemies and will respect the rights of women within the framework of Islamic law. However, thousands of Afghans, many of whom helped foreign forces, are desperate to leave.

Rather than by words, Johnson said, we will judge this regime based on its actions and attitudes to terrorism, crime and drugs, humanitarian access, and the rights of girls to education.

No matter what the past has taught us, the future has yet to be written. At its bleak turning point, we must help the Afghan people to choose the best future possible.”

Up to 5,000 Afghans are expected to be resettled in the first year of a new resettlement programme that will prioritize women, girls and religious and other minorities as part of Western efforts to help those fleeing the country.

According to Johnson, “The situation on the ground has stabilised since the weekend, but it’s still precarious, and the UK officials there are trying to facilitate the movement of the people for those who need to leave.”

There is no appetite among our partners for NATO to impose a military solution on Afghanistan, or to continue the military presence.

It ended with the combat mission in 2014, and I do not believe deploying tens of thousands of British troops to fight the Taliban is an option.”

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