The FG advertises Diezani’s properties, jewellery, and bras for sale

the fg advertises diezani's properties, jewellery, and bras for sale
the fg advertises diezani’s properties, jewellery, and bras for sale

Former Minister of Petroleum Diezani Alison-property Madueke’s has been valued by the Federal Government.

A total of 18 apartments and 6 penthouses are available for sale at the Diezani property in Ikoyi’s exclusive Banana Island Foreshore Estate (Banana Island).

Houses in Wuse 2 and Maitama, high-end suburbs of Abuja, belonged to late Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh.

They are at 14 Adzope Crescent (off Kumasi Crescent), 19 Kumasi Crescent (Wuse 2), and 6 Umme Street (Wuse2).

In addition to the wedding dresses, there were 73 pieces of hard flower, 11 pieces of suit, two standing fans, 17 pieces of magic acts and 64 pairs of shoes recovered.

The federal government began evaluating 613 independent valuers this week to supervise the sale of seized goods in around 25 sites throughout the nation.

One thousand and sixty-two pieces of property are up for auction around the nation.

More than 30 residences and 589 automobiles are up for sale in Lagos.

284 businesses made bids for the valuation of landed property, including residential, commercial, institutional, and undeveloped pieces of land.

Forfeited assets were valued at 229 bids for plants, machinery, motor vehicles, furniture and equipment, while water vessels were valued at 75 bids, and jewellery, ornaments and clothing materials were valued at 25 bids each.

It would enable a uniform and transparent method to secure seized assets by the necessary authorities, Etsu said.

As of now, only garment materials are accessible for appraisal, according to the solicitor-general.

He reminded the successful valuers of the necessity to be meticulous, citing the ongoing case involving jewellery items.

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