The US described the Taliban talks in Doha as “honest and professional”

the us described the taliban talks in doha as honest and professional
the us described the taliban talks in doha as honest and professional

It was a “candid and professional” meeting, according to the United States, and the Taliban were evaluated on their deeds, not just their words, the U.S. side claimed in a statement released on Sunday after the hardline organization retook control in Afghanistan.

A spokesman for the State Department, Ned Price, said the U.S. team focused on security and terrorist issues as well as safe passage for U.S. citizens and other foreign people, as well as Afghans, in Doha discussions over the weekend.

“The United States’ supply of strong humanitarian assistance, directly to the Afghan people,” was also addressed at the meeting, according to him.

“Discussions were frank and professional, with the U.S. delegation emphasizing that the Taliban would be evaluated on its deeds, not just its words,” Price stated in a press release….

They didn’t mention anything about whether or not agreements were made.

Afghanistan’s acting foreign minister said on Saturday that Taliban representatives have requested the United States to remove a restriction on Afghan central bank deposits, according to Al Jazeera television in Qatar.

Afghanistan’s minister of foreign affairs stated that the United States would provide coronavirus vaccinations to its citizens, and that the two countries discussed “creating a new page” between them.

U.S. sources in the Biden administration told Reuters on Friday that the American hostage Mark Frerichs will be pressed by the Taliban to be released. Holding the Taliban accountable for their promise not to allow Afghanistan to become a safe haven for al Qaeda or other extremists should be another key priority in the war on terror.

As of August, the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan, almost two decades after they were deposed due to their refusal to give up al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in the wake of the September 11th, 2001 attacks.

This weekend’s meeting with the Taliban, according to U.S. officials, was a continuation of “pragmatic contacts.”

Dozens of Americans and legal permanent residents have expressed a desire to leave Afghanistan, according to US officials, while thousands of Afghans who support the US remain in danger of Taliban persecution.

As a major humanitarian catastrophe develops in Afghanistan, the United States and other Western nations are faced with tough decisions. Meanwhile, humanitarian assistance is being sent into the nation. They are attempting to figure out how to interact with the Taliban without giving the organization credibility.

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