Tonto Dikeh’s ex-boyfriend admits he had sex with a specific “Jane”

tonto dikeh's ex boyfriend admits he had sex with a specific jane
tonto dikeh’s ex boyfriend admits he had sex with a specific jane

Prince Kpkpogri, a politician and the former lover of actress Tonto Dikeh, has admitted to having sex with a woman named Jane.

“Jane” is extremely excellent in bed,” Kpokpogri told actress Merit Gold in a leaked audio tape, according to the recording that has since gone viral.

Tonto previously informed married social media personality and dancer Janemena to the fact that Kpokpogri has both her old and new sex videos, and she was shocked when she found out.

Tonto’s allegation prompted a letter from Janemena’s attorneys seeking a retraction of the actress’ statements and N500 million in damages as retaliation. It was made clear to her that if Tonto did not comply with her demands within a month, she would take legal action.

Tonto retaliated, adamant that she had sex recordings and should take Tonto to court.

Earlier today, a Prince audio clip in which he talks about a particular Jane’s sexual skills became viral on the internet.

According to Prince’s audio recording, he and Jane have been dating for quite some time and he gets an erection whenever he thinks about her. They’ve done “bad sex,” and Jane has indicated to him that she has not had sex with her husband in nine years, he claimed.

Jane told Prince that she and he could have sex all day and night if they wanted to. If they were too exhausted, they could take a break and resume their relationship later. It was Jane, not her husband, who got married, he said to Merit during their discussion.

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