Tony Romo Broke Up With Her Over An Email From John Mayer says Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson says her relationship with Tony Romo ended over a misunderstanding about her ex-boyfriend, John Mayer. In her memoir, Open Book, the singer and fashion designer revealed that Romo believed she had cheated on him with Mayer, her on-and-off ex who continued to have a hold on her.

In her book, Jessica detailed her rollercoaster relationship with Mayer, whom she alleged repeatedly broke up with her via email only to reconcile later. In late 2007, a single Jessica began dating Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, but she was upfront with him about Mayer’s continued contact with her.

“If John texted or emailed, I would hold up my phone and tell Tony immediately,” Jessica wrote in her book, per Page Six. “He knew the hold John had over me, and it was like telling your sponsor when you’re triggered.”

Jessica revealed that despite their split, Mayer maintained a friendship with her sister Ashlee Simpson and Ashlee’s then-husband Pete Wentz. On one memorable evening, Jessica found herself in Mayer’s company during a get together at her parent’s house after her dad, Joe Simpon, invited the “Your Body is a Wonderland” singer over. It was there that Mayer announced his intentions toward Jessica, even though she was dating Romo at the time.

“By a fire in the backyard, [John] stood and told all of us that he loved me and that we could all trust him to be a good man,” Jessica wrote. “I told him I would always love him, but I was with Tony. But I didn’t tell Tony. I broke my own rule of full disclosure about any contact, even accidental, with John.”

Shortly after 2009 get together, Romo saw an email from Mayer on Jessica’s phone, which led him to believe that she had cheated on him with the singer. In Open Book, Jessica revealed that Tony accused her of seeing John behind his back.

“I hadn’t cheated on Tony at all, but I could not lie and say I hadn’t even seen him,” Jessica wrote, per TMZ.

Although Jessica insisted “nothing happened” with Mayer, Romo didn’t believe her, and he broke up with her then and there.

“Two years, gone with an email,” she wrote of the sudden end of her relationship with Romo.

Jessica went on to write that Romo never talked to the media about the real reason for their sudden breakup because “it would imply that he wasn’t enough for me.”

While she claims Romo later realized she had told him the truth about not cheating on him with Mayer, it was too late. The former Newlyweds star wrote that her breakup with Romo had been so ugly that she realized that it had been necessary.

Jessica admitted that she continued to talk to Mayer for “months” after her split from Romo, but she didn’t allow herself to get burned by him once again. Mayer’s 2010 tell-all to Playboy, in which he described his intimate relationship with Jessica, was enough for her to end all communication with him for good.

As for Mayer’s profession of love for her while she was in a serious relationship with Romo, Jessica believes he kept breaking up with her and wooing her back in order to “torture” himself so he’d have good material for his songwriting.

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