Abuja Man Killed For “Blasphemy”; Corpse Incendiated

abuja man killed for “blasphemy”; corpse incendiated
abuja man killed for “blasphemy”; corpse incendiated

A vigilante member was Killed For “Blasphemy” in the Abuja neighbourhood of Lugbe for reportedly disrespecting the Prophet Muhammad.

According to information acquired by SHAUNTV, the murder took place in the Timber market sector of Fruit Market in Federal Housing Estate, Lugbe.

According to eyewitnesses, the victim, a Muslim, had insulted the prophet as recently as Saturday at midnight.

However, the mob action occurred at 1 p.m. on Saturday after the group sought refuge in the market vigilante office.

It was determined that the local security force was outnumbered before he was murdered and burned in front of the office.

“The individual is known as Small Hundaru, and that was not the first time he insulted the prophet before action was done,” a market dealer named Halilu explained.

“He was apprehended after purchasing food at the market in the afternoon, as only a few people were present when the blasphemy occurred; he was then struck on the head with a stick.” Even though he was carrying a firearm, it was recovered prior to the beating.

“He was then stoned before running to the office. His officemates were aware, but they were unable to protect him owing to the quantity of individuals pursuing him. After he became unconscious, gasoline was thrown over him, and he was burned in front of the office so as not to frighten the market.

When our reporter visited the scene, he observed the charred tyres used to burn the victim, while merchants shuttered their stores in preparation of violence.

However, because to the presence of police officers, the area was peaceful, although three people were reportedly shot by the police.

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