After Zelenskiy’s call for military help, Biden announces $800 million in Ukraine aid

after zelenskiys call for military help biden announces 800 million in ukraine aid
after zelenskiys call for military help biden announces 800 million in ukraine aid

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy made an urgent request to the US Congress for military support to ward off a Russian invasion.

The money comes from a large budget measure signed by Biden that contains $13.6 billion in fresh Ukraine help. The increased funds will go towards humanitarian, security, and economic help, with around half going towards sending soldiers and military equipment to Ukraine.

Zelenskiy compared the current attacks in Ukraine to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which drew the US into WWII, and implored politicians, including Biden, for additional support.

“This is a horror that Europe hasn’t experienced in 80 years, and we’re asking the world for help.” Is this too much? To rescue civilians, we need a no-fly zone above Ukraine,” Zelenskiy declared via an interpreter.

We provide an alternative if this is too much to ask. “You know what defensive systems we need,” he says, adding that the US possesses them.

A week after a Russian offensive that failed to unseat the Ukrainian government, Russia and Ukraine both stressed renewed room for compromise.

The White House said Tuesday that Biden will fly to Brussels for a NATO meeting on Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine on March 24.

Biden just increased sanctions on Russia. He has advocated for the suspension of Russia’s preferential trading status, which lowers export taxes, and a ban on Russian oil and other energy imports.

But Reagan called a “no-fly zone” over Ukraine “World War Three,” and the Pentagon declined to put MiG-29 fighter fighters there.

Surrounding countries like Poland have taken in roughly 3 million Ukrainians, predominantly women and children.

Biden will speak at 11:45 a.m. (1545 GMT).

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