Air Force bombs terrorist hideouts in Niger and Kaduna

air force bombs terrorist hideouts in niger and kaduna
air force bombs terrorist hideouts in niger and kaduna

The Nigerian Air Force has conducted an offensive operation, forcing dozens of terrorists to flee the states of Kaduna and Niger.

A new marching order from President Muhammadu Buhari to the Service Chiefs has led to the bombardment of terrorist camps.

In response to the rapidly growing security threat, the three branches of the armed forces swiftly reorganised their activities, including the redeployment of several key commanders.

While initiating “Operation Show no Mercy” against the marauding terrorists, Chief of Air Staff Air Marshal Oladayo Amao had ordered the senior air personnel to make sure they use maximum firepower.

According to reliable military sources quoted by Shauntv, the operation is making an impact on the terrorists right now.

Terrorists are “already feeling the heat,” according to one of the military officials, who added, “We in the Air Force don’t like publicising our operations when it’s still underway so as to kill all these enemies at once.”

We don’t kill; we neutralise, as I’m sure I’ve told you before. Through airstrikes, we have successfully eliminated a large number of these foes, especially in the Kaduna and Niger villages. People who survived the airstrikes are now on the run.

The enemies of our country have already become a threat to its independence, thus we have been given orders to eliminate them. Until we have eliminated all of them or they have surrendered, we will not give up.

Because we don’t want these individuals to flee before we get there, the operation is ongoing, but I won’t reveal which communities will be targeted in the next phase. There is no turning back at this point. Enough already!

Edward Gabkwet, an Air Commodore and spokesman for the Nigerian Air Force, verified the news to reporters in Abuja.

He stated, “Over the weekend, NAF aircraft struck a terrorist gathering at Kurebe in Shiroro Local Government Area of Niger State after information suggested that the terrorists had collected for a key conference hosted by Aminu Duniya, a Boko Haram terrorist commander.

Aminu Duniya allegedly called for a meeting with the terrorists in his Kurebe enclave, which was attended by a significant number of riders.

Many militants were killed in the airstrike, but it’s still unknown whether or not Aminu Duniya was also taken out.

Kurebe is well-known as a safe haven for terrorists, as the local population fled the area in 2021 after being driven out of their homes by the terrorists.

Only a few hours prior, in the Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State, a coordinated joint air and ground operation had neutralised numerous militants operating around the Damba – Galbi axis.

Terrorists’ actions persisted in making daily life in the area extremely difficult for residents. Thus, the military used the opportunity to spring a surprise attack on the terrorists when intelligence indicated that they intended to assault a nearby community.

Nigerian Air Force planes were sent to the area where the terrorists were thought to be hiding, and they launched an attack while Nigerian Army troops laid siege to the area. Many terrorists were apparently killed in the attack.

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