Amotekun and troops scuffle over cows destroying Ondo farmlands

amotekun and troops scuffle over cows destroying ondo farmlands
amotekun and troops scuffle over cows destroying ondo farmlands

On Tuesday evening, April 4, men from the Ondo State Security Network Agency and troops battled in Akure, the state capital, over the detention of roughly 100 cows for violating the state’s anti-grazing ordinance.

Officials from the Corps reacted to a distress call from farmers in the Oke-Aro district of the state capital, who were complaining about herdsmen and their cows destroying their farmlands.

Farmers said the cows had wrecked fields and other valuables in the vicinity, so state security agents hurried to the site and detained the animals and their owners on the farms.

According to an eyewitness, military troops from the 32 Artillery Brigade (Owena Cantonment), Akure, barred the Amotekun men from carrying the cows away.

According to the source, the soldiers claimed the cows belonged to their superiors at the barracks and barred the Amotekun men from removing them.

“While Amotekun employees were marching the seized cows to their office in the Alagbaka region of the state, troops in Hilux vehicles attacked the area and stopped the capture of the cows,” a source informed newsmen.

“The troops urged that the Amotekun men not take the calves since they belonged to their military barrack’s officers. The Amotekun officials, on the other hand, argued that the cows had broken the anti-grazing rule and that they must be hauled to their office where the owners must either bail them out or pay for the damage to the field.

“The crisis began with a heated exchange of words, which quickly escalated into a physical altercation between the two security groups on the street. They began shooting erratically into the air before we realized what was going on.

“As soon as they started firing, the locals scurried for cover in order to avoid being caught in the crossfire between the two security groups.

The military ultimately defeated the Amotekun personnel and took two of them away.

Chief Adetunji Adeleye, the state commander of Amotekun, described the event as a “small dispute between the personnel of the two security organizations.”

“It was peacefully settled.” The captured herders concealed beneath the troops in order to generate confusion among the security forces. He remarked, “I can affirm that the cows have been given to us.”

It was also learned that the two policemen who had been kidnapped had been released to the security outfit’s state commander, and that normalcy had restored to the region.

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