Anambra Communities Shielding Terrorist – Police

anambra communities shielding terrorist – police
anambra communities shielding terrorist – police

The Anambra Police Command has accused numerous communities in the state of harbouring Terrorists who have attacked, murdered, and maimed innocent individuals.

The State Commissioner of Police, CP Echeng E. Echeng, made this claim while addressing journalists on the murders of Anambra state lawmaker Hon. Okechukwu Okoye and his assistant, Cyril Chiegboka.

He stated that the problem in the state is a conspiracy of silence among the communities, where no one is willing to speak up.

According to him, people know who is murdering and kidnapping in the communities, but they are unwilling to talk about it. Instead, they “mystify them with the label mysterious gunmen,” despite the fact that they are known by the communities.

“Some of us have come out to label these individuals as unknown gunmen, while in fact they are known.” We are attempting to mystify something that does not exist. It is time to demystify the term “unidentified gunman.” They are not spirits; rather, they are our brothers who dwell in our communities. That is an undeniable fact.”

“We know who these individuals are. The problem with state security is a total conspiracy of silence; when nobody sees, says, or hears anything, nobody speaks anything. Security is a shared responsibility; everyone must fight. Crimes are perpetrated in our neighbourhoods, and we should be able to declare that this is what is occurring in our communities.

“We celebrate known individuals and label them as unknown gunmen. We have arrested some of them, and we know that they are human beings,” he continued.

He also stated that the state’s proximity to other states and the ease of entry and exit contribute to the state’s security issues.

Echeng added that the state’s police and other security authorities were attempting to thwart cross-border crimes.

“Starting tonight, you will hear something because we cannot continue in this manner. We are taking the fight to them and are confident of victory,” he stated.

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