Ango Abdullahi’s son and Osinbajo’s classmate speak from captivity

ango abdullahi's son and osinbajo's classmate speak from captivity
ango abdullahi’s son and osinbajo’s classmate speak from captivity

The terrorists who abducted train passengers on March 28, 2022, have released a second video depicting the victims.

Terrorists intercepted a train travelling from Abuja to Kaduna less than 20 minutes before its destination.

While nine people were shot and killed, others were injured, and over sixty passengers, including children and the elderly, were abducted.

Since the abduction, the militants have published multiple films depicting the victims.

In one of these recordings, they threatened to kill them if the federal government would not comply with their demands, including the release of their children and certain insurgent commanders.

In a recent video, eight of the captives, including five men and three women, urged the federal government to comply with their captors’ demands.

While the men knelt, the women sat on a carpet surrounded by flies.

A shooter who featured in the film stated that the government could either listen to the victims’ concerns or abandon them.

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