Bandits demand N250m to free 43 Katsina residents

bandits demand n250m to free 43 katsina residents
bandits demand n250m to free 43 katsina residents

At least 43 people were kidnapped last Wednesday after a suspected bandit attack on the Bakiyawa community in the Batagarawa Local Government Area of Katsina State. The suspected bandits have demanded a ransom of N250 million.

The majority of the town’s inhabitants are peasant farmers and artisans, and they told Arise TV that they informed the security forces of the impending attack at around 7 o’clock that evening. They were active for more than three hours, according to reports. The attackers killed four people before taking off with the hostages.

From what witnesses have told us, the police were forced to retreat during the gunfight since the robbers’ weapons were so much more powerful.

The bandits allegedly looted stores, stole food, and slaughtered animals.

Yusuf Naura, a local, reported that the bandits kidnapped four members of his family, including his daughter, who was a senior at the Federal Government College of Education in Kastina.

''They called me a day after the incident around 7pm last week Thursday, stating that they are holding 43 people they kidnapped from our community. We checked within our community and found out that truly, more than 43 people are missing. Out of which 11 of them are biologically connected to me.''Naura said

Grieving relatives are currently exploring fundraising opportunities to pay ransom and free their loved ones held by kidnappers.

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