Bandits killed Commissioner’s Son and three others In Zamfara

bandits killed commissioners son and three others in zamfara
bandits killed commissioners son and three others in zamfara

The son of incumbent Commissioner of Security and Home Affairs in Zamfara, DIG Ibrahim Mamman Tsafe (rtd), has been killed.

On Sunday night, Bandits attacked Tsafe town, the headquarters of the Tsafe local government region of the state, killing Tsafe’s son and three others.

Tsafe town, as well as numerous other localities in the local government, have seen an increase in the number of fatal assaults and kidnappings for ransom in recent months.

A civilian and a customs officer were killed in separate attacks on the town two months ago.

Last February, armed men shot and killed a muezzin who was calling for subhi prayer in Magazu, a village 5 kilometers south of Tsafe town.

Bandits thought to be escaping military operations in various parts of the states are increasingly converting parts of the Tsafe local government into their new safe havens.

Residents said that bandits dressed in military clothes assaulted Shiyar Namada, a neighborhood near the commissioner’s home, and started fire on residents in Zamfara

“Some locals mistaken them for security officers on normal patrol when they first saw them.” Some of them did not even bother to sound the alarm.”

“During iftar, the commissioner’s son and a few others were seated in front of DIG Ibrahim Mamman Tsafe’s house when armed men suddenly appeared and began firing at everyone on sight.”

“Most individuals were observing Tarawih prayer in numerous mosques around the region during the incident, and inhabitants had to evacuate to safety.” Later, the armed guys withdrew into the woods. “As I speak with you, I’m in the Waziri’s house, where funeral preparations are underway,” a resident simply known as Umar said.

Some people told our correspondent that the attack could be retaliation for a suspected bandit who was seen on the outskirts of town last Friday being killed by Yan Sakai, the local vigilante.

At the time of reporting this story, the state police command’s spokesman, SP Muhammad Shehu, could not be reached for comment.

Attempts to get a response from the commissioner were similarly unsuccessful.

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