Bank of Agric boss’s family pays N100m ransom for his release

bank of agric bosss family pays n100m ransom for his release
bank of agric bosss family pays n100m ransom for his release

According to intimate family sources, the family of the abducted managing director of Bank of Agriculture, Alwan Hassan, has purportedly paid a substantial sum of N100 million to guarantee his release.

Mr Hassan was released on Wednesday after spending nearly ten days in captivity after being kidnapped on March 28 along with hundreds of other passengers on an Abuja-Kaduna train.

Despite the terrorists’ allegation in a brief video made using the managing director’s phone that no ransom was paid, family sources said N100 million was paid before he was freed.

According to the source, the kidnappers had previously shown the family a video showing the horrible ordeal the prisoners, including Mr Hassan, were going through in order to raise the ransom.

“They submitted the footage of their horrific situation a few days ago in order to boost their investment.” ‘Give them whatever much they want,’ Alwan would usually say. “So the family handed them what they demanded… N100 million,” one of the family insiders explained.

The kidnappers, according to the source, originally instructed the family to transport the money to a forest in Katsina on Tuesday before directing them to a woodland in Kaduna.

After the family representatives traveled for hours in the jungle, the gunmen emerged fully armed in their hundreds and took the money, according to the source.

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