Boko Haram suspects, bandits among 900 inmates Kuje Prison escapees

Boko Haram suspects, bandits among 900 inmates Kuje Prison escapees
Boko Haram suspects, bandits among 900 inmates Kuje Prison escapees

At least 900 convicts escaped during last night’s attack on the Kuje Prison in Abuja, according to a trustworthy source speaking to Shauntv this morning.

All Boko Haram Suspects In Kuje Prison Have Escaped – Minister

Tuesday evening at 10 p.m., residents reported hearing explosions and gunfire coming from the area of the prison, as reported by Shauntv.

During the incident, a civil defence officer was killed and other correctional facility and other security personnel were injured.

“The terrorist attacking Kuje has planted bombs within the prison.

They assaulted the facility at 10:05 p.m. They were armed to the teeth. He stated that at least 900 convicts fled.

According to the source, there were more than 1,000 convicts at the facility at the time of the attack. Sixty of the escapees have been apprehended.

“The invading forces used dynamite to demolish the strongly defended facilities, including the Central Terrorism Unit (CTU), thereby releasing all the terrorists within,” a source explained.

Apparently, the assailants ran out of explosives after two hours of operation.

Umar Abubakar, the spokesman for the Nigerian Correctional Service, said in a statement that the service’s armed squad, in conjunction with other security agencies, responded to the attack.

“I affirm that, at about 2200 hours, unidentified gunmen attacked the Medium Security Custodial Centre in Kuje, Federal Capital Territory.”

“However, members of the Armed Squad of the Nigerian Correctional Service and other security agencies linked to the Custodial Centre intervened, restoring order and bringing the situation under control.

“Additional details will be forthcoming,” he stated.

Multiple prison breakouts have occurred in Nigeria under the present administration, but this is the first big assault on a prison in the nation’s capital under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

In 2016, Kuje Prison saw a riot, however the situation was brought under control.

The Tuesday incident occurred hours after the advance team of President Buhari was ambushed in Katsina.

In yet another incidence, a Deputy Police Commissioner was murdered by bandits in Katsina.

Nigeria is experiencing one of its worst periods of insecurity in its entire history. Almost every region in the country faces unique security challenges.

From armed robbery to insurrection and kidnapping.

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