Buhari’s Instruction to Security Chiefs: “Eradicate Terrorists”

Buhari's Instruction to Security Chiefs: "Eradicate Terrorists"
Buhari’s Instruction to Security Chiefs: “Eradicate Terrorists”

President Muhammadu Buhari has urged the commanders of the country’s military and other security forces to pursue and exterminate militants terrorising the populace.

The President issued the challenge on Monday after joining other Muslims at the parade field, Mambilla Barrack in Abuja, to mark Eid-el-Fitr prayers.

Buhari exhorted everyone to rise to their duties as he returned to the Presidential Villa following the prayers.

He reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to ensuring the country’s safety for Nigerians.

According to him, it is critical to secure the country, particularly now that the rains have begun.

He stated that farmers’ safety must be ensured when they return to their farms, therefore ensuring the country’s food production.

“We will continue to preserve the environment, particularly as the rainy season approaches, so that farmers may return to their lands and we do not face a food security crisis.”

“The heads of the services, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, and the Inspector-General of Police, are acutely aware of the situation. It is their responsibility to ascertain the whereabouts of terrorists and eliminate them,” he stated.

While speaking about the upcoming general elections, the President reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to a free, fair, and transparent process.

When asked who he would prefer to succeed him as President, he responded, “Whoever Nigerians elect.”

The interim Chief Imam of Mambila Barracks, Dahiru Shua Mohammed, underlined the need of real repentance from sin, love for one another, forgiveness, tolerance, and persistent prayers to Allah as a weapon against life’s difficulties in his sermon at the Eid ceremony.

Additionally, the Imam emphasised the need of adhering to Allah’s instructions, exercising patience at all times for his sake, and sustaining competition in good actions for mankind, nature, collaboration, and brotherhood.

Special prayers were given for an end to the country’s varied issues, peaceful elections in 2023, and long-term national unity, stability, and prosperity.

Other prominent figures who observed prayers alongside the President included retired Major General Babagana Munguno as National Security Adviser, Ahmed Rufai Abubakar as Director General of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), Usman Alkali Baba as Inspector General of Police, Abdulrahman Dambazzau as former Minister of the Interior, and Murtala Nyako as former Governor of Adamawa.

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