Cameroonian Militants Invade Nigeria and Assassinate Twenty

cameroonian militants invade nigeria and assassinate twenty
cameroonian militants invade nigeria and assassinate twenty

At least 20 people were slain at a community in the Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State by militants of the separatist group Ambazonia, based in South West Cameroon.

Chief Cletus Obun, a former member of the Cross River House of Assembly and a House of Representatives candidate for the Boki/Ikom federal district, verified that the incident occurred on Sunday.

“I can affirm that Ambazonian soldiers crossed the Nigerian border early on Sunday morning in order to assault their compatriots who had fled into Nigeria and refused to join their army to battle.”

“They killed almost twenty. No one knows for certain if any of those deceased are Nigerian citizens.”

He reported that the remaining Cameroonians who also speak the Bokye language of the Boki people had poured the Bashu hamlet near Danare, where Nigerian military have established a temporary camp.

Regularly, Ambazonian militants enter the Boki, a region populated by Cameroonians, to create mayhem or relax.

Captain Tope Aluko, information officer of the 13 Brigade of the Nigerian Army in Calabar, stated that they had yet to authenticate the current raid, which occurred six months after a similar invasion in Taraba State.

Emmanuel Bwacha, the Senate’s Deputy Minority Leader, has raised the alarm over the killing of the village chief and other people of the Manga community in Taraba by alleged Cameroonian terrorists.

The congressman stated that the village was destroyed by Cameroonian rebels.

Bwacha, who represents Taraba South in the Senate, stated that the separatists’ incursion posed a threat to Nigeria’s national sovereignty due to their unclear motivation.

He had stated, “I rise this morning to bring to the notice of our countrymen and, in particular, our security agencies, this sad episode that threatens our national integrity and sovereignty. The 23 Battalion of the Nigerian Army is stationed in the Takum local government, so it is my humble opinion, Mr. President, that the Nigerian Army should rise to the occasion and halt this reckless territorial expansion.

“Their (separatists’) motivation is now unknown; it is unclear if they wish to expand territory or lay claim to Southwest Cameroon.”

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