Captain, 2 Soldiers Killed After Abuja Law School Threat

captain, 2 soldiers killed after abuja law school threat
captain, 2 soldiers killed after abuja law school threat

Confirmed reports from military sources say that a captain and two troops were slain Sunday night in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) by terrorists.

They were all members of Nigeria’s 7 Guards Brigade, it has been reported.

According to reports, the soldiers were attacked after responding to a distress call from the Nigeria Law School in Bwari.
Terrorists allegedly slipped a letter in the school’s mailbox warning of an impending attack.

The leadership of the Nigerian Law School alerted military officials at the 7 Guards Brigade after receiving a threat letter from terrorists, according to one of our sources.

To conduct a preliminary inquiry, the soldiers and the deceased army captain (whose name has been suppressed) were dispatched to the school.

With the help of the school administration, they came to a consensus on what should be done in the event of a school shooting.”
Terrorists ambushed them on their way back, killing the captain as well as two soldiers, he claimed.

The source said other persons in the party escaped the attackers by whiskers.

According to our source, the threat against the law school, as well as the deaths of the soldiers, was kept a secret by all parties involved.

Teachers were told not to tell anyone what was going on because it would put the government in a bad light.

Following the threat, a joint task force was planned to be sent to increase security around the law school and Bwari in general, according to another source.

The law school is not the only target in Bwari, according to him; other government-owned buildings are also in danger, and the residents are living in fear.

“The Federal Capital Territory, the seat of authority,” is under attack, he declared.

In reality, the threats to Abuja and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have been around for some time. No one in Nigeria’s security circles will tell you that they are unaware of the threat.

“Terrorists have set up cells in a variety of neighbourhoods around the FCT.
Due to the increasing number of snatchings in the area, abductions have become an almost everyday occurrence in the previous year or so.

“The terrorists’ goal is to put the administration in a bad light.”
“They control several communities in all of the states that are neighbouring to the FCT, and they are finally here,” he claimed.

Captain Godfrey Anebi Abakpa, a spokesman for the Guards Brigade, confirmed the attack when reached.

So far, no other terrorists have been found hiding out in the general vicinity, according to the general.

Kucihbuyi, a settlement in Bwari Area Council in the capital, has just been attacked by bandits who kidnapped a monarch.

The Kuje jail in Nigeria was recently assaulted by militants who freed hundreds of inmates.

Thousands of farmers had to flee their fields in the Abaji, Kuje Kwali, and Gwagwalada Area Councils because of bandit attacks on their villages.

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