Dozens kidnapped in Kaduna as Terrorist Boko Haram ambush

Dozens kidnapped in Kaduna as Terrorist Boko Haram ambush
Dozens kidnapped in Kaduna as Terrorist Boko Haram ambush

Dozens of travellers were reportedly kidnapped in Kaduna by gunmen suspected of belonging to the Ansaru and Boko Haram terror groups.

Along the Birnin Gwari-Kaduna route, they reportedly ambushed a convoy of vehicles with security escorts and set eight vehicles ablaze.

According to the Birnin-Gwari Vanguards for Security and Good Governance, Tuesday’s attack was the fourth in a sequence.

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They claimed that terrorists had besieged the Birnin Gwari-Kaduna highway for the past four days, killing and capturing travellers.

When reached, the Public Relations Officer (PPRO) for the Kaduna Police Command, ASP Muhammad Jalige, was unable to confirm the occurrence immediately.

Please wait while I contact the Area Commander in charge of the region.

In a statement confirming the Tuesday attack, Ibrahim Abubakar Nagwari, chairman of the Birnin-Gwari Vanguards, said the event occurred between Kuriga and Manini near Udawa.

According to Nagwari, “it is manifestly clear that the unholy alliance of bandits and Ansaru (Boko Haram) has declared utter war on our people, but the political will of the government to uphold their oaths of office to protect the lives and property of our inhabitants remains a phantom.”

“Today, May 31, 2022, terrorists along the Birnin-Gwari-Kaduna route ambushed a convoy of automobiles with security escorts between Kuriga and Manini near Udawa and abducted an undetermined number of individuals into the jungle.

“Over the past four days, terrorists have besieged motorists on the Birnin-Gwari-Kaduna highway, kidnapping, killing, and injuring many innocent citizens, yet our people are reduced to silence mode, with no reportage of the ugly situation and no move by the authorities to demonstrate concern over the deteriorating security around Birnin-Gwari-Kaduna highway.

“Today, eight automobiles were set on fire by terrorists, and an untold number of innocent motorists, mostly women and children, were abducted into the jungle by terrorists in exchange for ransom.”

“While politicians are on a mission to seize power in twenty-twenty-three, none of the gladiators running for office have any plans to liberate our people from the shackles of terrorists and criminals. In addition, none of these politicians believe it necessary to travel to Birnin-Gwari to meet with delegates; instead, they have summoned delegates to Kaduna for deliberations.

“We have always admired the security personnel’s efforts to end the unstable insecurity plaguing the Birnin-Gwari metropolitan area. But, our people have reached a point of no return; therefore, the people of Birnin-Gwari and communities along the Kaduna-Birnin-Gwari route must cease all travel on this renowned roadway beginning tomorrow until the security situation improves.”

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