El-Rufai informs Buhari that terrorists are building a “parallel” in Kaduna

el rufai informs buhari that terrorists are building a parallel in kaduna
el rufai informs buhari that terrorists are building a parallel in kaduna

Kaduna state governor Nasir El-Rufai notified President Buhari in a document that terrorists are establishing a “parallel administration” and “permanent operating base” in the state.

According to Premiumtimes, the Governor alerted the President in a document issued in late July.

According to the memo, Governor El-Rufai claims that terrorists have entered and influenced local populations, forming “a parallel governing authority” that now controls the region’s economy, politics, and law enforcement. The Governor reportedly stated, based on a “series of intelligence reports,” that terrorists have made progress toward their goal of making the Kaduna forest areas their “permanent operational base” for the North-west region.

Based on their “seen movement patterns and intercepted communications,” he concluded that “the expanses of woodland region between Kaduna and Niger states are seriously evaluated” as a potential base for the terrorists.

According to reports, Governor El-Rufai notified the President that terrorists have passed a legislation prohibiting citizens from voting in the upcoming general elections in 2023.

To prepare for the 2023 elections, “the insurgents enacted a law in the District, outlawing all types of political activity or campaign,” according to a memo from the governor. This ordinance was particularly harsh in the villages of Madobiya and Kazage.

According to the report, the governor explained to the President that a ban on political activity was instituted after a wedding ceremony attended by terrorists.

We have credible information that while hiding out in the Kuyello district of Birnin Gwari LGA, members of the Jama’atu Ansarul Musulmina Fi’biladis Sudan (aka Ansaru) recently married two local women from Kuyello village.

Community members and nearby Ansaru members alike observed the event. After the nuptials, the memo states, “insurgents present reportedly transported the newlyweds to the infamous Kuduru jungle, in the same District.”

Terrorists are now settling issues in communities, as the Governor reportedly told the President. Terrorists “fined one Mu’azu Ibrahim, a member of Kuyello community, the sum of One Million Naira for selling parcels of land without the approval of the owners,” the report said.

The Governor reportedly informed the President that terrorists are now controlling the lawless areas and extorting money from the citizens.

The governor stated that there have been several instances of bandits and terrorists demanding protection levies and similar charges from farmers and towns in exchange for permission to develop their fields.

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