Ex-Nigerian general Abullahi Muraina dies in the UAE

ex nigerian general abullahi muraina dies in the uae
ex nigerian general abullahi muraina dies in the uae

The former general passed away on a Friday afternoon in the UAE. While in primary school, Abullahi Muraina studied the Koran at the Islamic Mission School in Odoye Ibadan.

He then attended the Nigerian Military School in Zaria for his secondary education between 1972 to 1976.

Between 1976 and 1978, he attended the Polytechnic of Ibadan for his Advanced Level studies.

Abullahi Muraina served with distinction in the Nigerian Army for 35 years before retiring as a Major General on his own terms.

Prior to his retirement from the Nigerian Army in September 2014, he served as its Chief of Accounts and Budget (Army).

When he was still serving in the Nigerian Army, the retired general had a number of command, staff, and teaching positions.

His experience includes stints with the Nigerian Army Training and Assistance Group in The Gambia and the Gambian National Army Finance and Records, both of which he led admirably as he worked to realign the Gambian Army’s finances.

Abullahi Muraina was awarded the Forces Service Star (FSS), Meritorious Service Star (MSS), Distinguished Service Star (DSS), and Grand Service Star while serving in the Nigerian Army (GSS). Besides the Distinguished Service Cross, he also received the Distinguished Service Medal, the Distinguished Service Cross, the Command Medal of Honor, and the Field Command Medal of Honor.

In the past, he has served as president of the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM). He was a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria and the Certified National Accountants of Nigeria. As a graduate of the esteemed National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies, he also belonged to the Institute of Directors in Nigeria and the National Institute.

According to reports, he lapsed into a coma and was put on a life support machine, where he remained until his death.

His two wives, Peju and Ann, and nine kids are all that remain after his passing.

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