LP can’t win election 90% of northerners aren’t online – Atiku

lp can't win election 90% of northerners aren't online – atiku
lp can’t win election 90% of northerners aren’t online – atiku

According to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, the Labour Party (LP) is unlikely to win the 2023 presidential elections.

On Friday, Arise TV aired an interview with Atiku.

On the LP’s possibilities in 2023, the PDP presidential candidate indicated that the LP will not split the votes that are meant for the PDP.

For Atiku to claim that his party had no governors, members of the National Assembly, or state assemblies during the just-concluded Osun Governorship race is absurd.

There is no way that the Labour Party will take as many votes from the PDP as people think it would, according to the leader of the Labour Party.

“We saw it in the recent Osun State election. What can we say about the Labour Party’s record?

There are no national assembly members, no state assembly members, and this is a party that doesn’t have a governor. Politics in this country depends on the structures you have at all three levels—local, state, and national—and this party doesn’t have any of those.

The former vice-president also indicated that 90% of people in the north of the country do not use social media, implying that the LP’s prospects of winning the 2023 presidential election will be significantly reduced.

The mere fact that Peter Obi is a Labour Party member does not guarantee a miracle. According to their claims on social media, they had more than a million votes in Osun state,” he stated.

“How many votes did the Labour Party receive?” And remember, you’re discussing social media. “Nearly all of the folks in the north aren’t on social media at all.”

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