My duty is to advertise Tinubu in Southeast, Won’t engaged Obi

my duty is to advertise tinubu in southeast, won't engaged obi
my duty is to advertise tinubu in southeast, won’t engaged obi

The governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma, has stated that he will not take sides with Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate Mr. Peter Obi, insisting instead that it is his job to promote the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the South East.

The governor further mentioned that the APC has many dedicated supporters in the region known as the South East.

On Tuesday, during an appearance on Channels TV’s Politics Today, Uzodinma made the announcement.

He introduced himself as a politician, adding, “I am a member of the APC and I have a candidate in the party. To get our people to vote for our candidate, I know we are talking with them and communicating to them. This election cycle has me focused on party outreach. It’s well knowledge that Peter Obi isn’t a member of my party, therefore I have no interest in picking a fight with him. On the other hand, I am aware that APC members are loyal party members.

He praises the APC administration’s work and says he has no doubt that the rational citizens of Imo State will cast ballots for the party.

Furthermore, he said, “I am extremely convinced that the sane minds in Imo State will vote for my party.” When I arrived as governor in 2021, not a single one of the state’s major thoroughfares was drivable. To this day, even members of the opposing party have acknowledged my efforts and praised the way I’ve handled the management of the state’s important economic thoroughfares in Imo.

Members of the Imo House of Assembly have been without a meeting site in the state since 1999. In Owerri, they were connected to one of the city’s governmental offices. After being abandoned for quite some time, the Imo House of Assembly building has just undergone restoration.

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