Nigerian Soldier Working With Boko Haram Commits Suicide

nigerian soldier working with boko haram commits suicide
nigerian soldier working with boko haram commits suicide

Lance Corporal Jibrin, a Nigerian Army instructor based in Geidam, Yobe State, committed suicide.

He committed suicide after being detained on suspicion of conspiring with Boko Haram rebels who recently assaulted Yobe settlements.

Jibrin, who vanished from his job position a few days ago, was claimed to have been spotted with Boko Haram insurgents during last week’s raid on Geidam town.

According to military authorities, the soldier was trailed by an army intelligence team and discovered on Tuesday near Gashua, some hundreds of kilometres from his deployment station.

“After boarding a bus to Gombe and disguising himself as a civilian, Jibrin was apprehended at a checkpoint.”

“He was handcuffed, and during interrogation, he divulged a great deal, which resulted in the arrest of several of his accomplices.

“While on his way to Geidam, he took a revolver from one of his escorts, outmatched the other, and shot himself.”

When contacted, Lt Kennedy Anyewau, spokesperson for sector II operation Hadinkai Damaturu, verified the occurrence.

“Yes, we got a report about a soldier who committed himself yesterday evening, and an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the tragedy is continuing. That is all I can say about the subject at the moment.”

However, an officer who requested anonymity provided further facts regarding the event.

“It is true that Jibrin was imprisoned and eventually committed suicide; he was a very skilled soldier; he was a member of our group, and when his movements became suspect, he vanished.

“It’s unsurprising that the recent Boko Haram assault in Geidam surprised everyone since we had prepared for them but they surprised us by employing a new approach not associated with them; they crept into the town stealthily without vehicles and there was no sound of gunfire.”

“We assumed they must have inside informants, and once a beam light was activated, the question mark fell on Jibrin,” the insider stated.

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