Nigeria’s Commander-in-Chief Is Lazy and Uncaring – Chidi Odinkalu

nigeria's commander in chief is lazy and uncaring – chidi odinkalu
nigeria’s commander in chief is lazy and uncaring – chidi odinkalu

President Muhammadu Buhari has been referred to as a “lazy and indifferent Commander-in-Chief” by a former National Human Rights Commission Chairman, Prof. Chidi Odinkalu.

On Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily programme on Wednesday, a human rights lawyer discussed the condition of insecurity in Nigeria.

A few hours after terrorists attacked and gunned down members of the Guard Brigade in Abuja, President Muhammadu Buhari left Nigeria.

Prof. Odinkalu said the president’s trip to Liberia to talk about security was made more frustrating by the fact that he was leaving an unsafe country behind him.

To those who claim that state governors are to blame for the current situation of national security, he responded, “Security cannot be outsourced to the state; all security agencies have one operational leader, and that is the president.”

When it comes to law enforcement, military, naval, and intelligence agencies like the SSS, NIA, DMI, and the NSA, everyone works through a single line of communication.

They all answer to him; he’s not only commander-in-chief, but chief operating officer as well.

“That [security] damage can be contained if the president is present.” It’s a pity that President Buhari isn’t here or capable of leading us out of this predicament, and worse, he doesn’t care.

It’s impossible for the president to fly to Liberia to give a lecture on security while members of the Presidential Guards Brigade are being slain in Abuja. You’re serious, right?

“A president’s job is many tasks rolled into one. This administration’s president is a petroleum minister, as well as a party leader and head of government. In addition to his role as head of state, the president serves as a diplomat and a military leader.

As the party’s leader, someone else can fulfil the role of president.” Someone else can serve in the President’s role as head of state. It’s up to the president to use the foreign minister or others in this capacity.

When the president is on the ground, the Commander-in-Chief is the sole job that cannot be delegated to anybody else.

It’s no surprise that Nigeria has a Commander-in-Chief as sluggish and self-absorbed as the one now in charge.

There can only be one Commander in Chief at a time, and right now, Nigeria has a sluggish Commander in Chief and an indifferent one.

According to Odinkalu, Nigeria’s “transactionalization of insecurity is the reason it’s hard to address security” because of the absence of connection between leaders, intelligence, and operations.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that 44 security reports were given to the Nigerian government before to the attack on the Kuje jail. He further regretted that Nigerian officials don’t study these information.

Furthermore, the lawyer cautioned that elections may not be held in many parts of Nigeria in 2023 unless quick action is taken to address the growing insecurity.

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