Northern Elders ask Buhari to resign

Northern Elders ask Buhari to resign
Northern Elders ask Buhari to resign

The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) has requested President Muhammadu Buhari’s urgent resignation over the country’s rising murders, particularly in the north.

Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, NEF’s Director of Publicity and Advocacy, made the announcement on Tuesday.

“President Muhammadu Buhari’s government does not appear to have answers to the security concerns that we face.” We cannot continue to live and die under the dictates of assassins, kidnappers, rapists, and other criminal organisations who have robbed us of our right to live in peace and security.

“Our constitution allows leaders to freely resign if they are faced with personal challenges or prove incapable of leadership.

“Now is the time for President Buhari to seriously examine that alternative, given his leadership’s catastrophic inability to provide security to Nigerians.” Our Forum recognises the importance of this counsel and recognises that we cannot continue to live in these conditions till President Buhari’s tenure ends in 2023,” Baba-Ahmed stated.

He stated that the group made the proposal with the utmost seriousness, and expressed optimism that there are enough Nigerians who believe in President Buhari to encourage him to resign.

He bemoaned the fact that community killings and attacks have now become regular elements of all Nigerians’ life, since moving anywhere is now perilous, and remaining there does not make anybody safer.

“Killers and other criminals appear to have felt a crippling vacuum at the top echelons of government, and they grow more confident and competent in undermining the State and our security,” he added.

“Nigerians have shed enough tears and blood without receiving enough protection from those who are supposed to protect us.”

He counselled politicians wishing to lead the country to thoroughly consider their capabilities, commitments, and leadership challenges.

According to a representative for the northern elder, guiding Nigeria out of its current predicament and firmly on the path of rediscovery is not an open invitation, and Nigerians would exercise greater caution in determining who they may trust in the future.

“There are also organisations that exacerbate Nigerians’ anxieties about the prospect of safe and free campaigning and election conduct in 2023. Comments implying that petty political demands must be satisfied rather than addressed or processed via the democratic process endanger all Nigerians and point to a broader potential for violence in the run-up to and after the elections.

“These remarks are unworthy of elders, and they detract from the sincere and painstaking search for strong leaders who will be completely dedicated to one nation facing grave problems.”

“Our Forum reaffirms its commitment to communication and interaction with all politicians and organisations in order to reduce tensions and stressors that pose a danger to our democratic process.” The Forum expresses its condolences to families who have lost members and prays that those whose members have been kidnapped will be reunited as soon as possible.”

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