Please Don’t Shut Down, Federal Government urged Airlines

Please Don’t Shut Down, Federal Government urged Airlines
Please Don’t Shut Down, Federal Government urged Airlines

The Federal Government has urged airline operators to reconsider their decision to shut down, citing the negative impact such a move would have on the “troubled economy.”

Senator Hadi Sirika, the minister of aviation, made the request in a statement released by Dr. James Odaudu, his special assistant for public affairs.

The Minister voiced worry over the difficulty aircraft operators in the country are experiencing in getting aviation fuel, but stated that his ministry could do little about the matter because aviation is not within its domain.

“The attention of the Honourable Minister of Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika, has been brought to reports that the nation’s air transportation system will be disrupted beginning on Monday, May 9, 2022, as a result of airline operators’ threats to cease operations due to the rising cost of Jet A1, also known as aviation fuel.”

“We also recognise that airline operators are in business to make a profit while serving a sector that is not only the preferred form of transportation for the majority of Nigerians, but also the nation’s principal international gateway.

“Unfortunately, the issue of fuel supply does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry, therefore all it can do in the current scenario is engage with organisations, institutions, and individuals in a position to assist the airlines. This is now being performed by the relevant team lead by the Minister.

“While efforts are underway to alleviate the situation, we wish to appeal to the airline operators, even under the tough circumstances, to consider the multiplier effect of suspending operations on Nigerians and international travellers when making business-savvy judgments and taking action.

“We also assure Nigerians, particularly stakeholders in the sector, that the Buhari administration remains steadfast in its commitment to the creation and maintenance of an environment that fosters the growth of the aviation industry and enables major players such as airlines to operate in a profitable and competitive market.”

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