President’s Advance Team Didn’t Fight Bandits – Villagers

president's advance team didn't fight bandits – villagers
president’s advance team didn’t fight bandits – villagers

Residents of the Katsina villages in which the presidential advance team was ambushed on Tuesday have said that the security agents in the convoy did not engage the terrorists in combat; thus, the attackers fled unharmed.

An eyewitness informed Daily Trust that the attackers stormed a town named Buturkai, where they dispersed the locals, forcing some of them to relocate to the village of Turare, where the incident took place, and others to Shandai, a grazing reserve.

According to him, this occurred prior to the arrival of the advance team.

“At Buturkai, the bandits murdered three people and then proceeded to Dogon Ruwa village, where they murdered two people, broke into numerous shops, and stole goods before moving on to Marke village, where they stole some livestock,” he explained.

He said that when the advance team arrived in Turare and discovered what was happening, they parked their vehicles at the LEA Primary School in the village for some time, made inquiries, and when it became clear that the bandits had retreated, continued their journey while firing randomly into the air until they had passed the danger zone.

A villager of Marke, where the robbers were when the team arrived, stated, “The lengthy convoy of the security people (advance team) passed while firing into the air after the bandits had left our village.

“From what we hear, the same group of bandits who killed the area commander in the Zakka region also killed two persons in Kwanar Dutse, Kunamawar Mai Awaki, and Kunamwa Babba, one of them was my sister-in-husband,” law’s he said.

He claimed that the same bandits continued to Unguwar Gurbai, where they murdered six people, before moving on to Doguwar Dankwambo, where they murdered two people, and Unguwar Ido, where they murdered another six people.

Residents of Kunkunni village reported that a fighter plane dropped a bomb about 11 p.m. Tuesday, killing two people and injured several more.

“The bandits and their herds of animals passed past the southern portion of the hamlet, but later we saw a bright light in the sky followed by a tremendously loud roar. We later learned that two people died and several were injured.

“As I speak to you, I have just returned from General Hospital Dutsinma, where I left nine patients in severe condition in the emergency room,” the resident explained.

Several other residents of the Safana Local Government Area who were hurt by the bandits on Tuesday were also reportedly hospitalised.

Abduljalal Haruna Runka, who represents Safana in the Katsina State House of Assembly, confirmed that a military fighter plane accidentally dropped a bomb on Kunkunna hamlet, injuring 14 people.

“Yes, the bomb was dropped by a fighter plane from the Air Force, and fourteen persons were injured. He continued, “Eight were referred to the Federal Teaching Hospital Katsina due to their critical condition, but one of them has died and the other six are still at the public hospital in Dutsinma.”

The lawmaker stated that the bandits stayed in Kwanar Dutse for two days and that the same group attacked the presidential advance team.

During the bandits’ rampage, at least 12 people were slaughtered in separate communities, he claimed.

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