Senate Seeking To End Maltreatment Of Nigerians Travelling To Ghana

senate seeking to end maltreatment of nigerians travelling to ghana
senate seeking to end maltreatment of nigerians travelling to ghana

The Senate has encouraged the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs to work with the Ghanaian government to improve bilateral ties and prevent Nigerians from being mistreated in Ghana.

After considering a report from the Joint Committee on Health (Secondary and Tertiary); Primary Health and Communicable Diseases; and Foreign Affairs, the chamber issued recommendations.

The motion was “The Urgent Need To Conduct Investigation On The Allegation Of Fake COVID-19 Test Results Being Used To Defraud Nigerians In Ghana; And The Obtainment Of Fake Covid-19 Vaccination Cards,” according to the newspaper.

Senator Yahaya Oloriegbe, the Chairman of the Joint Committee, stated in his presentation that the probe was prompted by accusations that Ghanaian officials classified Nigerians who traveled to their nation as testing positive for Covid-19 despite having tested negative in Nigeria.

He further claimed that Nigerian visitors to the nation were held in isolation for two weeks at a cost of N70,000 (NGN) equivalent every day, amounting to millions of naira.

According to the Presidential Steering Committee on Covid-19, investigations revealed that Nigerians were likely exploited at the Ghana International Airport.

According to the legislator, Boss Mustapha, Chairman of the Presidential Steering Committee on Covid-19, indicated to the investigation panel that Ghana uses Rapid-Ag testing at the airport, which has lower sensitivity and specificity than the PCR test used in Nigeria.

“As a result, the Rapid-Ag Test is predicted to accurately categorize Positive PCR tests while failing to correctly classify all negative PCR test findings.”

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs would have to determine and disclose if the alleged case is a one-off occurrence or a systemic error or fraud,” Oloriegbe added.

On the allegations of obtaining fake Covid-19 Vaccination cards and test results, Boss Mustapha stated that Covid-19 PCR Tests are conducted by accredited laboratories for the purpose of international (outbound) travels and are verifiable on the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) platform through a QR Code.

He stated that the NCDC verification site, which has all verified PCR testing for outgoing passengers, will be made available to airlines so that airline workers could be certified.

According to Oloriegbe, the PSC employs security officers to deal with passengers who brazenly fail to follow travel regulations on both inbound and outbound flights.

Despite these efforts, he remarked that certain “high-ranking officials” or those “connected” occasionally threaten the on-duty employees and find a way to flee.

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