Terrorist Bandits Gun Down Groom, Abduct Pregnant Bride

terrorist bandits gun down groom, abduct pregnant bride
terrorist bandits gun down groom, abduct pregnant bride

In Jere town, Kagarko Local Government Area, Kaduna State, Terrorist bandits murdered a newlywed groom and kidnapped his pregnant wife.

The bandits also kidnapped four family members of Abdulrahman Ibrahim Jere, a former commissioner of Poverty Alleviation in the state of Kaduna.

SHAUNTV reports that around fifty bandits rode motorcycles into Jere, a village along the infamous Abuja-Kaduna route. They were believed to have moved from residence to residence, although residents reported that they looked to have targeted the home of a former commissioner who was out of town at the time.

However, they kidnapped his wife and a baby girl, as well as his younger sister and his wife’s sister.

Hassan Adamu Jere, a neighbourhood resident, reported that bandits also invaded the home of a newlywed couple and attempted to kidnap the bride, but the husband resisted.

He stated that he was shot while dragging his bride with the bandits.

Despite the combined security presence of soldiers, divisional police office, and area command, security agents failed to apprehend the bandits who operated for over three hours, causing stress in the neighbourhood, according to him.

“We made numerous phone calls to the various security services on the ground, but none of them responded. An irate adolescent named Adamu Jere stated, “This is the second significant attack on our neighbourhood in the past three months, and we believe that the security personnel stationed here are of no value to us.”

Another citizen, Ibrahim Salisu, stated that the community would file a formal protest against Jere’s security agents, stating that their actions show them as “colluding with the bandits or not caring about the protection of the people.”

Several hours after the robbers’ escape, he added, security agents attempted to track them down and later informed the community that two of the criminals had been slain.

As of the time this article was written, the Kaduna State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Mohammed Jalige, has not responded to enquiries regarding the attack.

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