Terrorist bandits killed 30 vigilantes in Zamfara community

terrorist bandits killed 30 vigilantes in zamfara community
terrorist bandits killed 30 vigilantes in zamfara community

On Monday, more than 30 members of the local vigilantes also known as Yan Sakai were reportedly murdered in a gunfight with suspected bandits in the Gidan Dan Inna hamlet in Auki area, Bungudu Local Government Area, Zamfara State.

Residents reported that the armed men had previously raided Gidan Inna hamlet and many other towns and stolen livestock.

They reportedly shot and killed people of the settlements before stealing their cattle.

“Shortly thereafter, the leaders of the local vigilantes, also known as Yan sakai, from at least ten neighbouring settlements began gathering their followers to pursue and recover the stolen livestock from the armed thieves.

“Within a half-hour, the vigilantes gathered and gave the rustlers a spirited pursuit on motorcycles. When the armed robbers noticed they were being pursued, they split into two groups, one of which was instructed to herd the stolen animals into the forest, according to Umar Kadowa, a local resident.

He continued, “The other gang then waited in ambush for the incoming vigilantes. Because the armed criminals outnumbered the vigilantes, they killed almost thirty on the spot.

“As I made my way to my farm, I observed vigilantes on hundreds of motorcycles riding towards the settlement of Gidan Dan Inna. I sensed trouble and was compelled to return home quickly.

“The bones of the deceased vigilantes from more than ten different communities were later recovered and interred in their respective villages. The residents of the towns are filled with dread that the armed men may return to launch another attack.”

SP Muhammad Shehu, spokesman for the state police command, could not be reached for comment.

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