Terrorist tells FG: Listen to victims or abandon them

Terrorist tells FG: Listen to victims or abandon them.
Terrorist tells FG: Listen to victims or abandon them.

One of the terrorists who kidnapped people from the train that was attacked in Kaduna on March 28 stated that the Federal Government may either listen to the victims or forsake them.

The terrorist spoke in a new video in which eight of the victims – three women and five men – pleaded for assistance from the federal government.

The English-speaking man stated, “We are the persons that kidnapped these individuals off the Abuja-Kaduna train, therefore they are appealing to us, claiming that they wanted to meet with the federal government and that we gave them the opportunity to do so. You must either listen to them or abandon them.”

A victim known as Mariam Abubakar stated that her children became ill while in custody.

“I was captured along with my spouse and four children on that train.” We are requesting assistance from the federal government, our families, and anyone else who can provide it. We have been here for 62 days in inhospitable conditions that are unthinkable.

“We have all been ill. In reality, two of my sons are currently ill without access to medical supplies. Therefore, we implore you to come to our rescue,” she stated.

Relatives of the victims have repeatedly demanded their release, and the federal government has assured them that rescue efforts are underway.

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